Role Model

How does a Purchasing Manager mix with Live Modeling?Add some glasshouses, plants and vegetables to it and the result is dazzling and straightforward guy from the UK.

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Special thanks to Chunkipeeps.


  1. Phoebe Winston

    I just want to say that I think this is a very clever, well designed site. I find the modeling work that Chris does to be quite intriguing and inspriring. I too, am a life drawing model, and I find it to be rewarding work. I respect and appreciate Chris’s willingness to share his passions and experiences through this art form; as I believe it is one of highest forms of creative expression. I am pleased to be a part of this unique artistic niche and glad to know that I am in such fine company. Kudos to you Chris!

  2. Incognito

    Loved this story (and Chris of course), this site is very well done.

  3. Mike Royal

    For me Chris is a great looking guy and the beautifully presented magazine Role Model has given me the opportunity to know more of his life and work. Thank You.

  4. Gray

    Thanks a lot Mike for your support!

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