Fearless Life

From the IT world to the underworld of live performances. This guy will blow your mind and then make art with the remaining pieces. Behold Andy!


  1. 56 y/o here , Chubby & grateful 4 find U work.
    Hugs from Brazil.

  2. Smudgeee

    Is there any way of possibly seeing some more pictures of this guy? Or the erection photos? I love hearing him talk and seeing pictures of him. He’s gorgeous.

  3. Dave Bullard

    Love to see more from Andy.

  4. angelo

    You are really sexy.I would like know you

  5. Gray

    Thanks for the messages guys… love to see that you liked Andy and his work. You can contact him via email. At the end of the magazine you find contact info.

  6. Hi M.

    Your latest work is fantastic as usual. I like the guy he reminds me of someone who is very close to me. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing the next profile.



  7. gu

    enjoy the video very much! charming!

  8. Very handsome man.

    Andy is one very handsome man.
    Who ever gets to take care of his needs is one lucky person.

  9. Ferenc Ignác

    Hi Andy! Or very sympathetic! I’m a 61-year-old teddy bear, I live in Budapest, Hungary, I like what you do. It would be great to see you masturbate! Where can I see it? Thanks! Frank

  10. Carlos

    helllok so handsome, i would like to explore the posibility to do the same

  11. Gray

    Thanks C. Thanks a lot for your love and support pal! 😀

  12. Andy

    Thanks to everyone for the great comments and emails of support.

    Ferenc, unfortunately there is no video from my live performances but if one should become available I’ll let people know.

    Smudgeee, I have a profile on Model Mayhem http://www.modelmayhem.com/nottslifemodel and I try to keep that up to date with new images but I have to follow the rules and can’t upload any that are too explicit which unfortunately mean no erection images!

    A big thanks to M for asking me to be a part of this wonderful project as well.

  13. I am working on a similar project and I would be really interested in hearing from you or Andy. I am looking for men like Andy who would like to cooperate in a photographic work. Or would love to join your project. Please contact me!


  14. Hi Antonio, I’m interested to work with you. My email is andy@nottslifemodel.co.uk if you’d like to drop me line?


  15. David

    Andy, I wish there were more men like you in the world. While I know that there’s more to most people than meets the eye, it usually so difficult to access the interesting parts of people. You on the other hand wear yourself so comfortably and authentically that it makes me surprisingly emotional. Thanks so much for sharing yourself.

  16. Brian


    Who is the band playing in the background?

    Great video.

  17. Smudgeee

    Oh boo! Well if there is any way of seeing some I would love to know. Either pictures or video. You are a gorgeous, stunning man, Andy! I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since I first saw the video of you talking!

  18. Jimi

    Wow! As a artist and a lover of bigger men, I completely moved by this project. I to am on the huskier side and find it beautiful to watch you express yourself.

  19. Gray

    Thanks Brian. The song is “Airwalker” by Jeremy Jay. Nice tune for every music collection by the way. 😀

  20. Mike Royal

    I thought your video was just wonderful. So refreshingly honest and direct.
    And once again another fine project magazine, Fearless Life.

  21. I sent some erection shots to Gray that never made it into the magazine. Perhaps they might get posted to the G&W blog?

    I also did a fun shoot with a photographer that posted censored pictures to her web site


  22. John

    What an amazing man. Loves his sensual side and who he is. Like me, on the chubby side and loving it.

  23. Brian

    Thanks. I’ll check it out.

  24. Smudgeee

    I hope we do get to see some more pictures from you Andy. You have a massive gay fan base on tumblr!

  25. Kidacrane

    Great to watch, loved it! :-)

  26. Ruben

    la fotos y el video realmente bello

  27. John

    Hey Andy, I like to watch your other movies. If there anything else could you please tell me where can I find them. I like to see you on erection, masturbate or coitus. Thanks John :)

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